Feel The Rush

Hi everyone! im Natale, im 21 and im a Rusher! im really in love with big time rush and the wanted! they're all perfect angels :) BOY BANDS RULE

one of many reasons why daniel bryan is my favorite total diva

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#HAHAAA #brian danielson


thick thigh squad

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Anonymous whispered, "You and Kendall would make a cute couple and make gorgeous babies."

thats the best thing anyone could ever say to meeee! i always dreamed we’d have beautiful, big nosed, blu/green eyed babies hahahaa

thank youuuu <33

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Zach Ertz 15 yd TD pass from Nick Foles

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I know, I’ve seen it before
A brighter day is coming my way
Yes, tomorrow will be kinder

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Daryl Dixon

"We ain’t dead. And whatever happened, happened."

Daryl is defined. He is no longer angry at the loss of the prison. He saved Rick, Carl and Michonne before he knew it was them. That is proof to himself of his true character.

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*presses the button* *worships the button* *becomes the button*


*presses the button* *worships the button* *becomes the button*

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Anonymous whispered, "Kendall is beautiful"



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Requested by anon.

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